Adriana Chiruță | Love as political power or how to rewrite our future with our breath | workshop

TRIUMF AMIRIA. The Museum of Queer Culture [?] presents “Love as political power or rewriting our future with our breaths” by Adriana Chiruță in the exhibition ” You Feel ~ and Drift ~ and Sing”, an event with a fluid identity: workshop ~ breathing concert ~ performative installation ~ gymnastics of refreshment ~ support group ~ artist talk ~ free dance party, on Sunday, February 6, 2022, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Suprainfinit Gallery (Mântuleasa street, no. 22, Bucharest).

A meeting with a polymorphous format in which we will lightly play with the political aspects of our breath and the freedom to choose, regardless of the power relations in which we are caught up, the length of our own breaths. The abusive enforcement of power comes with a lesser or greater degree of suffocation. Is it possible that by not allowing ourselves to be suffocated, the abuse will cease and we will move into a geometry of power that is more friendly, or even loving, to us? And is it true that living under the pressure of harmful policies is perhaps a sign that we love ourselves too little and that this lack of love for ourselves should stop? is Adriana’s invitation to start practising ways of making space in the future for a politics of love, and consequently for our own breaths.

Adriana Chiruță lives and works in her favourite project, a contemporary art ecolaboratory under construction since 2014, in the region of Sibiu, called Carambach, an “invented” country for independent artists, researchers and activists for human rights and nature. Adriana is an artist committed to hybrid practices. With a background in performing arts, a theatre director rather passionate about dance and with studies in philosophy, she walks post-conceptually through various mediums (video, sound, text etc). Structured as performative installations, her works lead the viewer’s senses from the outside to the self, as an art subject invited to occupy the scene of her own life on a personal, social and political level.

The event is open to 12 green certificate holders.