Self-representation in Film. Workshop with Patrick Brăila

TRIUMF AMIRIA. The Museum of Queer Culture [?] is nearing the end of a first phase, but it promises to have an eventful last month. Despite the drama these days, the system won’t allow projects to be put on hold. So, keeping thoughts of peace and disarmament in our minds and souls, we invite those interested in video and film to a workshop with trans artist and activist Patrick Brăila.

Together with Patrick we will discuss the importance of self-representation in video art making, team collaboration, ethical practices and how technical limitations can be overcome with the technology at our disposal. This workshop aims to be an exercise in being together and supporting each other creatively in the midst of the turmoil we find ourselves in.

The workshop will take place in MATKA space and in the garden of Atelierele Malmaison, Calea Plevnei 137C, corp B, 1st floor, sector 6. The event is open to 10 participants with a green certificate and any kind of camera.

*if you already have a video project in the making that fits the workshop theme and you want to show it to us for a constructive discussion, we look forward to seeing it.

Patrick Brăila is a trans activist and filmmaker. You can find him on Instagram @patrickbraila.

The workshop is part of the educational program curated by Mihaela Cîrjan in the visual arts section of TRIUMF AMIRIA. The Museum of Queer Culture [?].