TRIUMF AMIRIA at Suprainfinit Gallery  

TRIUMF AMIRIA. The Museum of Queer Culture [?] in partnership with The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), has the pleasure to present the series of statement exhibitions YOU FEEL ~ AND DRIFT ~ AND SING in a tentacular approach in four art venues in Bucharest: Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Suprainfinit Gallery, Spatiul THE INSTITUTE, SWITCH LAB

YOU FEEL ~ AND DRIFT ~ AND SING exhibitions include more than 100 works and work series by 38 artists and artist collectives and represents the tangible result of research into the queer artistic practices happening in Romania since 2001. The exhibition marks the two decades passed since the landmark repeal of Article 200 of the Penal Code of Romania in 2001 which criminalized same sex relationships.

The curatorial duo KILOBASE BUCHAREST selected works created by queer artists, dealing with queer themes or meant to disrupt the status quo and enable change, to queer the future in resonance with the fluid spirit of TRIUMF AMIRIA.

Venue 2 / Tentacle A

YOU FEEL ~ AND DRIFT ~ AND SING (246 – 309) at Suprainfinit Gallery

functions as a repository of a set of hypersensitive sensors of the invisible ~ transparency ~ immaterial. From works using ready-made texts (extracted from a surprising commercial context) as a transmitter of emotions almost indescribable to critical works on unseen aspects that further propagate discrimination of the queer community, from works about ecology to works for healing processes, or works tapping into the potential of the queer imaginary, an immaterial force that can invent new horizons.