Queer Translation Workshop with Laura Sandu

Professional and amateur translators participated in this queer translation workshop coordinated by translator and writer Laura Sandu. Language is a fundamental element for expressing queer identity and often queer language does not find equivalency in Romanian. For six weeks the participants navigated through etymology and the history language alongside Sandu, and together they came up with innovative solutions for translating queer concepts and pronouns in the Romanian language. 

In order to sign up for this workshop, people sent us to [email protected] a more than 600 words long literary or journalistic text translated from English to Romanian, either published in a book or magazine, or on an online platform. 

Laura Sandu is a cultural worker, writer, translator. She co-initiated „Literature and Feminism”, a platform which promotes feminist literature. For the past 15 years, she has translated and edited many fiction and non-fiction books, working with multiple publishing houses. She edited the digital volumes published by the Editura pentru Literatură Feministă. She has organized and facilitated workshops (for children, teenagers and adults) about political education, image analysis, translation and creative writing. She is the author of a research paper on the artistic representation of women in communism.